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Ageing is inevitable – it’s not the message that you want to hear but it’s true.

You can, however, delay the onset of ageing in your skin by making sensible lifestyle decisions and by using products that deliver meaningful quantities of anti-oxidants and other actives.

We are all capable of assessing someone’s age fairly accurately and we use skin as a primary indicator. We can also use our peers as a benchmark to determine if we’re ahead or behind on an ageing scale.

Below are some tips to identify your ageing concern.

Diagnostic Clues

Diagnostic Clues:

  • Horizontal lines around eyes
  • Deepened nasolabial fold (the line that runs from the outside of each nostril down toward the mouth)
  • Reduction in skin elasticity
  • Thinning of the skin
  • Lack of bounce and turgor
  • Muscle atrophy and loss of muscle tone
  • Skin bruises easily
  • Uneven pigmentation and solar keratosis

Possible Causes

Possible Causes:

Here are some of the factors that may be contributing to early aging in your skin

  • Premature elastin and collagen breakdown through low copper intake or Vitamin C deficiency
  • Lifestyle factors – alcohol, cigarettes, pollutants and sun
  • Diet high in simple sugars and processed fats
  • “Fat-free” diet resulting in deficiency of essential fatty acids
  • UV exposure causes aging and damages collagen and elastin
  • Poor fluid intake or high caffeine intake
  • High free radical exposure

Important Lifestyle Considerations

Important Lifestyle Considerations:

Here are some suggestions on lifestyle changes that should have a noticeable effect on your skin

  • Essential fatty acid intake – either 15g of flax seed oil per day or 600mg of long chain omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA)
  • Reduce free radical exposure – covering up in the sun is always a first option but if you can’t or won’t then use a mineral sun block. Chemical sun blocks generate free radicals in the skin and don’t help to slow aging
  • Maintain blood sugar levels by eating “whole foods”
  • Supplement with anti-oxidant vitamins and minerals – make sure that the multi-vitamin and mineral that you’re taking delivers more than just token amounts. Make sure that copper and zinc are supplemented in the correct ratio. Many supplements avoid copper because it induces nausea but they mostly supplement zinc at high doses. These two minerals compete for a common absorption site so this often results in copper deficiency and you need copper for collagen and elastin synthesis
  • Have a blood test to check relevant hormone levels – check estrogen, progesterone and testosterone but also DHEA and cortisol. The thyroid hormones will also give direction to the treatment as well as an assessment of Human Growth Hormone levels

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