I bet you’re thinking – “This better be simple”

It is.

Use a cleanser after you shave and put a moisturiser on when you’re done. It’s not rocket science and you’ll see the results – if you bother to look.

Important Lifestyle Considerations

Important Lifestyle Considerations

Here are some suggestions on lifestyle choices that would have an effect on your skin

  • Restore moisture lost during shaving by using a moisturiser
  • Men’s skin is thicker and more resilient than women’s skin but don’t take it for granted – use a good sun block and use products with anti-oxidants to slow the aging process.
  • Keep your skin’s microflora intact – use pH balanced products and avoid stripping your skin with harsh cleansers and toners containing alcohol
  • Don’t over-exfoliate – you already exfoliate by shaving
  • Drink enough water – about 2 liters a day and avoid excessive caffeine and alcohol intake

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